Seguimiento de iframes con Google Tag Manager

Aprende a realizar un seguimiento de las acciones que se producen en un iframe sin necesidad de cookies ni cross-domain

How to back up Universal Analytics data and reports

On 16th March Google announced that Universal Analytics will no longer be available. Rest assured that there is still time, until 1st July 2023 the previous version of Analytics, known as GA3 or GAU, will continue to collect data and, from that moment on, we will have a period of six months to export the data to Google.

SEO and digital marketing tools made in Ukraine

A list of Digital marketing and SEO services and applications that are either developed in Ukraine, or the main people responsible for them are Ukrainians.

How to link Google Analytics 4 with Google Search Console

Implementing the link between Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console is very, very simple, it only requires two steps: Open the Create a linkage with Search Console option and create the linkage between Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4. Let's see it!!!!

Make your WordPress safe (5th, and last, part)

As promised, today I finally close this series of five articles about how to make your WordPress installation more secure with the last two actions: Make your WordPress not look like a WordPress, and not of clues Schedule a backup system. Make your WordPress not look like a WordPress [...]

Make your WordPress safe (part 4)

In the three previous articles we have reviewed how to create a secure password and how to make it difficult to know which user is the administrator of your WordPress installation, how to protect the wp-admin folder and one of the most critical files, as far as security is concerned: wp-config. As well as certain plugins that can [...]

Make your WordPress secure (part 3)

Let's go with the third installment on how to make your WordPress installation secure. So far we have seen in the first article how to create a secure password and how to make it difficult to find out which user is the administrator of your WordPress installation, and in the second article how to protect the wp-admin folder and how to [...]

Making your WordPress secure (part 2)

In the previous article I showed you the first steps to achieve a secure WordPress, creating secure passwords and making it difficult for a "friend of the stranger" to easily find out which is the administrator user of your website. Today I am going to focus on two important points: Protecting the wp-admin folder and the wp-config file, two of the keys inside your [...]

Get a secure WordPress

Currently, WordPress accounts for 34.35% of the TOP 1 million websites using a CMS, more than 65% of the CMS market and more than 41.9% of the world's websites, and the figure continues to grow - of the world's active websites, almost half of the world's websites [...]

Why should I implement Google Tag Manager on my website?

Google Tag Manager is a tool created by Google that allows us to inject code fragments (tags) into our website and define when these tags should be injected.

Differences between page path and page url in Google Tag Manager

One of the doubts that often arise when you start working with Google Tag Manager is, when you activate the integrated variables, to differentiate between page path and page url. If you are still not clear about the difference between these two variables, this is the article for you.

Events in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics: The Differences

Both in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager there are events, but their definition and the use we give them in both cases is not the same. Let's take a look at the differences:

Differences between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

If you are still not very clear about what Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are and you confuse both tools, or you think they are interchangeable, this is the article for you.

How to move a Google Analytics property to another account

Ideally, when you create a Google Analytics account, it should be associated with a Google account that is the same for all Google services (Tag Manager, Search Console, Optimize, Ads...). A note, it has to be a Google account, it does not have to be a Gmail account, but this is [...]

Introduction to WordPress snippets

When we talk about a snippet we are talking about code fragments that we can insert in our WordPress to modify or add some function to our website.

Adding Google Tag Manager code to Genesis

With this snippet you can add the Google Tag Manager script to your Genesis Framework based WordPress installation. I recommend you to do it with a custom functions plugin.

Adding Google Tag Manager to WordPress

With this snippet you can add the Google Tag Manager script to WordPress. I recommend that you do it with a custom functions plugin.

How to monitor bot visits with Google Analytics

Have you ever thought about how the Google bot (and other search engines) works on your website, what pages it crawls, what results it obtains?

What events does GA4 automatically record?

These events are automatically logged when there are interactions with a website or application registered in a GA4 flow.

How to install GA4 with Google Tag Manager

One of the most effective methods to install a Google Analytics 4 property on a website is with Google Tag Manager. In this article we are going to see how to do it step by step

Frequently Asked Questions about GA4

Since the release of Google Analytics 4 was announced, there are many questions about this new version. I am going to compile these doubts here. Also, if you have any doubt, you can send it to me using the form below, I will answer by email and I will publish the answer in this article.

About Google Analytics 4

GA4 is a new platform and as such it will require us to get used to new concepts and new ways of doing things. In this article you will find everything I write about this platform.

Enhanced Measurement in GA4

As I have mentioned in previous articles, Google Analytics 4 is event-driven. This has led to a set of pre-configured functions being offered. This set of automatic functions is called Enhanced Measurement.

Configure a GA4 property

Whether you have created a GA4 property from scratch or from a Universal Analytics property, you will see that when you select the new property in the top drop-down menu, there is an option called Configuration Wizard. From there you will be able to configure all aspects.

How to connect GA4 to Universal Analytics

What is the idea? To take advantage of the fact that we already have Universal Analytics installed using gtag.js so that it passes the data to both the UA property and the GA4 property.

How to create a Universal Analytics property

Surely you may have noticed that when you create a new Google Analytics property it defaults to GA4. This has led to believe that it is no longer possible to create new Universal Analytics properties, and even ensure that if you do not upgrade to GA4 you will lose data.

How to create a Google Analytics 4 property

How do I upgrade or implement GA4? Well, you can find yourself before two scenarios: You already have an Analytics account or you create a new account. In the second case when you create a new account it will be GA4 by default, if you already have an account you can create a new property thanks to the upgrade wizard.

When should I upgrade to Google Analytics 4

Since Google released the new version of Analytics at the end of 2020, moving from calling the App + Web properties to Google Analytics 4, I've encountered a lot of queries about when it's time to upgrade to GA4 and what to do with the previous version (Universal Analytics or GA3).

How to create a custom function plugin

One of the keys to the success of WordPress is its ability to extend its standard base thanks to plugins, which are nothing more than an extension of a file: functions.php.

Google Analytics: Report Sampling

By using sampling, Google Analytics allows us to generate reports from a subset of the data, rather than using all of the data. In this way, Analytics can calculate the report data faster than if it used all the data to generate the report.